College Student Calls for Probe of Columbia Prof Who Called Him a ‘Neo-Nazi’ for Defending Trump

“Why don’t you just drop dead, you neo-nazi enabler”

I’m all for this. I’m sick to death of leftists being allowed to spew this kind of venom with no consequences.

The College Fix reports:

Student calls for probe of Columbia prof who called him ‘Neo-nazi,’ told him to ‘drop dead’ for defending Trump

A Baruch College student is calling for an investigation into a Columbia University politics professor who called him a “Neo-nazi murderer lover” and told him to “drop dead.”

In April, Gabriel Montalvo, a student at Queensborough Community College at the time, took to Facebook to comment on a political cartoon critical of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

“People choose what they want to see and everyone has an opinion,” Montalvo wrote in response to the cartoon. He also noted it wasn’t helpful that media outlets had been using footage of crowded Italian hospitals to criticize Trump for America’s coronavirus problems.

He soon received a response from Columbia Professor Jeffrey Lax, who accused Trump of “murdering his own people through lies and actively horrible choices.”

From there, the conversation devolved, with Lax defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up Trump’s “racist bullshit speech” in 2020.

“Why don’t you just drop dead, you neo-nazi enabler,” Lax told Montalvo.

“How ironic that the most educated person on this thread is also the most incompetent who results in playground insults,” Montalvo answered. “Rather than having a discussion you would rather me die? Aren’t you a political science educator? I could only hope that the students who take your course get a refund.”

Lax replied by calling Montalvo a “Neo-nazi murderer lover.” He later blocked Montalvo on Facebook.

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