Tucker shreds Biden for demanding acceptance of kids as young as eight deciding to be ‘transgender’

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson railed at President Joe Biden for saying that kids as young as eight years old can be transgender during his opening monologue on Tuesday.

To begin, Carlson noted that just a decade or so ago, “gender dysphoria was a fairly short entry in abnormal psychology textbooks,” adding that few people knew much about it. But in recent years, the condition appears to have become much more prevalent among younger Americans, especially elementary and high school students.

While many kids claim to be gender dysphoric, Carlson said that most of them will “grow out of” their current “phase.” However, many others will be encouraged to act on their emotions by undergoing hormone therapy and even genitalia and sexual organ surgery.

“That is happening across the country. We rarely talk about the details of any of it. It’s all good, we’re told. It’s all part of a vital, long-overdue process of personal liberation, and if you stand in the way or ask too many questions, you’re evil,” Carlson said. “Okay.

(Courtesy: Fox News)

“But before we accept that version of the story, it’s fair to ask: what are the details of the process, exactly? And what are the consequences of it?” he asked.

Carlson went on to pay compliments to veteran “60 Minutes” journalist Leslie Stahl, who did a lengthy segment on the issue which was broadcast on Sunday. In it, she spoke with a number of kids who were persuaded to act on their perceived gender dysphoria by therapists, counselors, and doctors.

The host played several clips of the 60 Minutes segment featuring Stahl’s interviews with those teens. Many underwent hormone replacement therapy while others also underwent surgical procedures. At the end of it all, several of them reported having more psychological difficulty dealing with their new gender than before they had their procedures.

“Three months to castration. And then, a week after the surgery, he was suicidal,” Carlson said of one of the teens interviewed by Stahl. “Now, that makes sense, and yet it is the precise opposite of what activists claim. The opposite of the justification for these procedures in the first place.”

“Gender reassignment surgery and chemical castration cause depression and exacerbate mental illness. This is known. Just five years ago, a study by the Obama administration found no positive health benefits from this kind of so-called treatment,” he added, pointing to studies published during the 44th president’s tenure.

He went on to note that a similar study by Swedish researchers found that young people who have gender reassignment surgery were 19 percent more likely to commit suicide.

“Yet strikingly, most Americans are not aware of these numbers. They’ve never seen this research. They’re not allowed to see it. Instead, they see a daily barrage of propaganda, most of it online, made possible by Google and Facebook. That propaganda has a very specific effect, as intended,” said the host.

Carlson then played another clip of Stahl interviewing a doctor who claimed that many in her field are afraid to speak out against allowing youngsters who seek gender treatments because they will be chastised as being anti-transgender.

“We’re afraid to speak up because we don’t want to be seen as not affirming young people in their decision to have these surgeries and to take these life-altering drugs,” Carlson said, adding: “How ‘young’ are we talking about? At what age do we have to respect their decision to undergo chemical castration?”

He then played a clip of Biden being asked about it during a campaign town hall last year in which the future president voiced his approval for children as young as eight getting surgery and gender treatment.

“The idea that an eight-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, ‘You know, I decided I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.’ There should be zero discrimination,” Biden responded.

“Things are moving fast, and most people have no idea what the details are,” Carlson said.

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